Why Choose LEDL


These factors combined make LEDL a preferred choice for induction motors among a wide range of customers, including those with demanding industrial applications. LEDL's reputation for quality, along with its commitment to innovation and sustainability, positions the brand favourably in the eyes of end users, OEMs, and dealers alike.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and dealers often prefer to buy induction motors from LEDL for several compelling reasons, relevant across various regions including India, Europe, MENA and beyond. These reasons include:

Global Reputation and

LEDL is recognized globally for its reliability and quality in manufacturing induction motors. Its established presence in the India and EU OEM market has built a significant level of trust among its OEM customers.


High Efficiency and
Energy Savings

LEDL offers motors that are highly energy-efficient, leading to significant reductions in energy consumption and operational costs. This is especially attractive in regions with high energy costs or strict energy efficiency regulations.


Wide Range of

LEDL provides a wide array of products to suit diverse applications, from standard motors to those designed for specific industrial requirements, including operations in hazardous environments and zones. This broad product range makes them a preferred choice for many customers looking for versatile solutions.



LEDL invests in research and development to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their motors using Reluctance and Permanent magnet. Features like IoT connectivity for predictive maintenance and energy management are key factors that attract end users and OEMs.


Global Support and
Service Network

LEDL's extensive network of service canters and support teams worldwide ensures excellent after-sales service. Quick response times for maintenance and repairs are crucial for minimizing operational downtime.


Compliance with International

LEDL's products adhere to international standards and certifications and its capability to meet any standards , ensuring safety, reliability, and optimal performance. This compliance is vital for businesses operating globally or in markets with stringent regulatory requirements.


Customization and Flexibility

LEDL offers customizable motor solutions to meet specific requirements, a feature highly valued by OEMs and end users with unique application needs.


Sustainability Focus

LEDL is committed to developing environmentally sustainable products, aligning with the global shift towards reducing carbon footprints. This focus on sustainability is increasingly important to businesses seeking eco-friendly solutions.

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